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Importing Account Teams

I've been trying to establish Account Teams through SForce API 2.5 and have not been able to get things set up properly.

For Accounts and Users that already exist, I have gone through the 2-step process of:
  1) Updating accountShare table with Access Rights for Accounts / Opportunities
  2) Importing accountTeamMember to establish roles

This should work, but for some reason when I update the accountShare table the Row Cause goes to Manual instead of Team, and the Access Rights I set never carry over to the actual Team Members.

Does anyone have any pointers or things to look out for when setting up Teams through the API?




I came across the same problem! 
The instructions on Salesforce's Help & Training specifies otherwise and seems to be incorrect: https://na1.salesforce.com/help/doc/user_ed.jsp.