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Where can i get the database especification to check that my sql's are right?

I want to check that my sql's are right, but i can't get the database specification. I think that somewhere it must be a document with the tables, fields and types of my salesforce database!!!. Can anybody tell me where to find it, please?

Thanks ;-)

The ERD is in the doc; you should also definately download the SOQL Explorer available at sforce.sf.net.

Hi alex77,

In addition to the erd's (helpful, but doesn't include data types and other useful info) you can use the describe calls.  There are 2.  One returns a list of objects names (tables), this is the Global Describe.  The other, Describe Sobject, returns all the available metadata for each field on a particular object.  Included in the metadata are the field names, data types, access permissions and so on.