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Create connection error

I am getting a connection reset error consistently when attempting to pass in 200 records for a create with 37 text fields and 2  text area long fields.

Could this be due to passing too much data?
If so, is there a recommended limit on how many fields I should send with each batch?

Set your timeout higher.
Would that be on the SoapBindingStub?

I've set the timeout to 60 minutes using setTimeout(3600000) and it still throws an error after 5 minutes.


I tried setting it to a lower time out and it inded seems to work when I set it to less than 5 minutes but seems to default to 5 minutes for any higher value.
Anyone know if there's a 5 minute cap on the timeout time?

Message Edited by jontk on 09-06-2006 05:41 PM