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Can the Force.com Approval Process send email to non-salesforce users?


We have a requirement to implement approval process for a custom object. The aproval request will be initiated by the owner of the custom object and sent to user who may/may not have a salesforce user licese. Once the user approves the request, the approval status should trigger a field update on the same object.

We want to use the standard approval process available on the force.com platform but the approval requests will also be send to users who do not have a salesforce user license.
Is this possible using the standard approval process to send email to external users?
Or how can this be done using Apex?
We appreciate all your feedbacks.
I'd like to know also.  Considering that the lookup for the approval process is to the user object I think the answer is probably "no", but confirmation would be nice.

Did either of you ever figure this out?  I just ran into the same question.  Thanks!