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undefined message when there is only 1 record in a custom object

I am trying to retrieve the records from a custom object dynamically and display it in S-Control as a list. My code works as long as there are more than 1 record, the query works correctly. However, if there is only 1 record, then "for" loop is skipped in the following code snippet is skipped. Value "qr.records.length" is set to undefined. Am I doing something wrong here?
var qr = sforce.connection.query("SELECT ID, Contact__c from CCList__c");
     ....... Logic for displaying the record.....
I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with your code there, but may I suggest that you use a QueryResultIterator instead?


You get a different structure in qr when there is only one record returned; not an array with just one entry, but the entry itself.

Throw a Try/Catch around the for loop, I suspect you're dying with an error to the effect that qr.records doesn't exist. 

      var records = qr.getArray('records');  

to "normalize" it into an array you can use. Also, you might also look into using the
QueryResultIterator object instead of rolling your own. It supports an implicit queryMore
call, etc.


Thank you werewolf and SteveBower. The queryResultIterator worked!!!