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Refreshed Sandbox switched back to old version- All changes lost-Very frustrating

We are encountering a very frustrating issue in our sandbox. This is the second time this incident has happened after we refreshed our sandbox(full) from production.
We refreshed and activated the sandbox on 7/28/2008 (i.e. couple of days back) and today i.e. 7/31/2008 at 12:18 Am, to our surprise it has switched back to the old version for no reason i.e. the version before the refresh. All the critical changes that we had implemented in sandbox after the refresh has vanished!
This is the second time it has happened consequently after we refreshed sandbox(full) from production.
Has anyone faced a similar issue in their org. Ours is an Enterprose Edition.
Would greatly appreciate if anyone from salesforce admin can please respond to this issue as we only have a basic support which does not help.
Please let me know if you need any other information.
Thanks and regards,
Hi Ambili,

I'm sorry you're having trouble ... have you brought this up yet with support? Could you please send me an email with details, eg support case#, or your Salesforce username and the name of the sandbox in question?




Hi Glen,

Thanks for your response to this matter.

Someone from salesforce tier2 support has helped us resolve this issue. 

This was related to two sandboxes having the same username. This was resolved by changing the username in the old version to <username>.qa1 instead of “<username>.qa”. Then after re-logging as “<username>.qa” the refreshed version that had all the changes was displayed.

Salesforce did  confirm that this was a bug in sandbox and they would be implementing a fix for the same.