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Archiving Lead changes or access lead history

We have a lead provider who sends us leads on a weekly basis where we upload into SFDC.

We have a process in place that allows us to update leads in the system that have come from this provider so that we do not create duplicate records. So there is a unique hash and a combination of fields we look for to make a 1 to 1 match and then update the fields in SFDC with the new information that comes in on a weekly basis.

The downside to this approach is we overwrite whatever information was there from the previous week. This information is valuable to not only our reps but our business, especially when we are trying to identify a trend in what data turns into a successful sales process.

My thought were to some how have a custom table (whatever SFDC call it) which would allow me to insert on a weekly basis the new information when we have identified a matching record.

Then a custom box/area on the layout that would display the last X number of inserts for that lead and/or account.

I'm knew to SFDC development but would love some feed back.

SFDC seem to already track changes to a specific field..  but those changes do not appear to be search able or report able to the ability to present them to a user in a way that is usable.