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Record Type Selection



Is there are any option for system administrator to set the default record type for other user in a batch ?


The Record Type Selection setting , that is done through


Set Up --My Personal Information -- Record Type Selection.


Can that be done by system administrator for all other user ?


Thanks and Regards,

Dinesh Nasipuri


Nazeer AhamedNazeer Ahamed
Yes, In Profile. We can modify record type settings profile wise. Using batch I dont think so..
You can also set the default record type selection, if it is the first time you are creating the record type.
i mistakenly set as default some record types for some profiles. but now they are not allowing me to deactivate or delete the record types. could you please help?
Thank you for your support. I know all the way how to do it from the Salesforce UI . I want to know if is there is any way from the backend  to populate the default record type per user (not based Profiles) , by API ? Thanks and Regards,Dinesh Nasipuri