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Sharron VolgyesSharron Volgyes 

FTP Opportunity Details to our Warehouse

We're just in the process of migrating to Salesforce.  Our existing CRM has the functionality to automatically FTP order details to our warehouse.  The specific details that are transmitted include:
  • invoice number
  • ship to address information
  • line item information (i.e. product name, product id # and quantity)
I've searched through the Ap Exchange and don't really see anything there that meets our needs.  Has anyone done something similar? Or does anyone have any suggestions about where I can start to look?


Doug McLeanDoug McLean
Hi Sharron,
 Pervasive Software offers a platform that can help you with your integration challenge.  We support FTP Queues and or out bound messages from Salesforce as well.  If you would like to learn more please visit: http://ww2.pervasive.com/Integration/DemoCenter/Pages/HostedIntegrationResources.aspx
Addionally you can find or listing on the Apexchange  under Data Integrator
Intergration between Opportunites in Salesforce aand ERP/order processing is a classic use case.  Typically the overal process is a little more involved thean just pushing order data.  Keep in mind things such as syncing the account information between the two sytems, updating the order information back to the crm, updating products from the master system of record to Salesforce etc.
Let us know if you would like to discuss further, 
Good luck.
Doug McLean