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email header

currently I'm using the web services API to provision Salesforce users. I'm setting the email header to send the new user the temporary password in the following way:

EmailHeader emailHeader = new EmailHeader();
binding.setHeader("urn:partner.soap.sforce.com", "EmailHeader", emailHeader);
sr = binding.create(user);

For some reason, the first time the new user logs in to salesforce with my SAML-based SSO feature, it says the password is expired and asks the user to set a new password for security reasons with no fields for entering the old password or the security question. What the new user should really be seeing is a prompt to change his password, with fields for the old password, new password, and the security question. Why is this not happening?

I noticed that when I reset the password for the new user using the API, salesforce said that the password is expired and showed the first case that I talked about. So I'm guessing maybe, when I set the email header, salesforce also resets the password? But that doesn't make any sense...Anyway, when I take out that chunk of code about the email header, I get the correct prompt to change the password from old to new with the security question. Only problem is now I won't get the email with the temporary password that I can enter. So it's kind of a circular problem. Any ideas?