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DataLoader: Importing Tasks - How to map with external ID of Opportunity?

I have created a field external_opp_id in my opportunity and marked is as an external ID field. When it comes to task, the data loader GUI, it doesn't give me an option to select External ID field. It assumes SF field to be there. It works when I put SF Id for opportunity. but I really need to do it through external ID, as the numbers of both tasks and opportunity are huge.
Quick help is appreciated.

Have you tried using upsert instead of insert from Apex Data Loader?

    Yes i am using upsert. But it’s not showing me the second step to map the external ID from opportunity

are you trying to do this via the whatid?  If so that is not supported yet (polymorphic keys).  We are looking at support in an upcoming release.

If it's something else, let us know and we can try to figure it out.
I am running into this same problem for both Activities and Notes.  I have an external id on my accounts and opportunities that I am trying to use the Data Loader to upload to.
Was an approach ever determined?
Thanks for the help!
-- Jason
Sorry Jason,

Sales Force do not map external id with the WhatID field ,So you have o do it manuvaly