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HELP Needed Regarding SalesForce-APEX integration !!!

I have been evaluating the Apex Platform from some time and am in need of some clarification rgarding a case study of mine.
I work for a BPM(Business Process Management) and Document Management company. We have a Web native rule based document management application(coded in Java) which use SQL Server as its backend data store. Does AppExchange provide tools to integrate such an application with the Apex Platform so that users would be able to harness the capabilities our software but through a Salesforce front-end?
Or is the integration possible in any other manner?
Thanks in advance.
Ron HessRon Hess
This level of integration is possible and can be implemented using our WebServices, a SOAP interface to the salesforce database.  It is even easier if your system exposes a SOAP API or other API. 

i think a thin layer or service that reads your SQL Server and writes to Salesforce SOAP API ( and reverse) would do the trick.