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Validation Rule Help: Cannot close/won opptys with inactive products.

I'd like to stop sales reps from accidentally selling products we no longer offer.
I can't seem to find a way to use validation rules to make sure that opportunities can only be closed as lost if they have inactive products in the line items.  I would like to throw a message out that says "Cannot close opportunity as Won.  Inactive Product Lines" or something similar.
I thought a Roll-up summary might help but it doesn't because the "Active" flag isn't a field choice.
I spotted this message from a loooong time ago while searching to do the same thing.

I tried to create a roll-up summary using a custom field on the Opportunity Product object (checkbox to signal if inactive product) but as I'd need this to be a formula field (as opposed to being updated via workflow), I ran into a halt there as well.

Any solutions left via config that I could try or do I need apex for this?

And if needs apex, help is appreciated :) Didn't find any snippets targetting this same problem.