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Sforce overflow error

I receive the following error when attempting to insert selected rows using the sforce connector, "Salesforce: Create() invalid range, missing data type, or other error, type is: weekly _c Overflow"
I retried loading the data and both times I received the error message after record 32,755 is inserted. I've tried loading only one row but was unsuccessful. I've also tried logging out of the session and logging back in which also did not work. I checked my storage usage and I am no where near my limit. Is there a parameter or something that needs to be altered?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have experienced the same error. I am almost for certain that the overflow is due to the use of an integer somewhere in the Excel Connector. The number limit for integers is 32,000. Inserting rows beyond 32,000 will cause this error. To work around this, copy your remaining rows into an new spreadsheet and insert the remaining rows.

James Wikkerink
Municipal Software