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Custom tabs missing for read-only test drive user

My app is finished and uploaded as a test drive.  The admin user works great, but the eval/demo/read-only user is not showing my custom tabs for the custom app.  I can't figure out where this is configured.

I have looked in profiles and the page layouts are same as admin user.
Tab settings are default On for both read-only and admin.
When I change the read-only user profile to system admin profile, the tabs show fine.

Where else can I look or what area would control a tab not showing for the read-only user?
Mike LeachMike Leach
I just ran into the same issue with a recently uploaded app. The Test Drive doesn't display custom object tabs, even though the Read-Only profile is configured to Show Tab.

I initially thought it was operator error on my part, but perhaps there's more to it.
Looks like this was an issue Salesforce had to resolve.  Tech support has helped, here is their response:
I went ahead and switched the eval user back to the standard Read Only profile (neccesary for publication) and added all your tabs. You should still customize that profile as needed. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Now my test drive is working great!  Although I lost some hair pulling it out trying to figure out what was happening... :)

Mark Stair
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Mike LeachMike Leach
Update: The custom object status was "In Development" and needing changing to "Deployed".
Another update:  Even if your application has the custom objects configured as deployed, when they are uploaded the revert back to "in development".  So you need to login with the admin account for your test drive admin@<product name and version>.demo.  Then go to Setup>Build>Custom Objects and edit each one from develop to deploy.