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Is it possible to...

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/replies...
I am wondering if it is possible to force some of the "Drill Down" values in a report via the URL? For example. Lets say I have a report that gives me some data on all accounts I own. I want to be able to put a link on the acocunt screen that will bring up that report drilled down to the account from where I clicked the link. It would save the reps an extra click and get them only the information they want.
Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Am I missing something very simple/basic? Again any advice would be greatly appreciated.
You can use a custom link to do this.

Do a filter once to get the report URL

There should be something like this on it:


You can replace the codeforaccount with the merge field that you want to drive this off of

The value of pc0 depends on the field name (check out the form param namess) but if you want to filter on a custom field then it's the custom field ID (also in the form)

Note that this is NOT supported, so it could break across releases.



I am trying to create custom links exactly like the ones you mention in this post. 

However, I am having trouble finding the columnID for the 'pc0' variable.  when I add a filter as you suggest, the URL in the address bar does not change to add these parameters - it still only shows the report id.  is there another way of showing this URL?

Or, is there another way of obtaining the columnCodeId ?

Many thanks.