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Calling a SIP Softphone

Hi There, we have written a very basic HYPERLINK in Salesforce to open our softphone (www.counterpath.com) and call the contacts number it works fine except the pesky browser pop up that opens up behind our softphone.  We are tried all sorts of variations to our code to close the window automatically but with no success.
Our url is this
HYPERLINK("sip:"&""&Phone,"Call Home")
The browser pop up window behind our phone is blank and just as the text sip:<HomePhone> in the address bar and we are trying to get rid of the browser window as the url calls the phone open and dials perfectly.
Please help......:smileysad:
Use the third parameter of the HYPERLINK function to set the target.  One idea would be to target it at a hidden iframe.  There is a hidden iframe already on the page called div_submit, but that's not guaranteed to be there forever, so you might want to make a custom sidebar component that contains nothing but a hidden iframe with a name of your choice, and target that iframe.