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Missing fields in describeObject/SOQL/Apex

I've noticed there are a few missing fields that are available as merge fields in formulas, but are not available in SOQL/Apex or visible when performing a describeObject. This is in a developer edition org, I have not tried other editions.

On the User Object:
* Start of Day (StartDay) - available in formula editor
* End of Day (EndDay) - available in formula editor

On the Organization Object:
* GoogleAppsDomain - available in formula editor under $Organization variable.

On the Event/Task Objects:
* Visible in Self-Service (IsVisibleInSelfService) - available in formula editor.

Is this an oversight in the API or intentional? Any chance it will be fixed in Winter '09?



I'd also like to bump this.


Talked to Salesforce support.  They say the fields aren't directly accessible from the API (duh) but that if you create a Formula Field and populate it with the value of the Start and End times, you can then access the Formula Field via the API.  That works for me!