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Development Org storage usage exceeded

Our developer org storage usage has been exceeded, and we can't figure out why. We have two MB available and currently have 2.1 MB stored in Record Type 'Documents'. We have deleted everything from this org so that the other record types such as Accounts, contacts, cases etc have nothing in them. We have searched for this document via the interface and via the Schema in Eclipse, and cannot find anything.  I think that the sample 'Recruiting App' was once uploaded to this org, and that is what is causing the problem.
Is there anybody who knows what this document is and how we can get rid of it?
Nazeer AhamedNazeer Ahamed
Just empty your (org) recycle bin, very simple :)

Thanks for the suggestion Nazzy. However, it didn't work. I emptied both bins: My Personal Bin, and My Organization's Bin.

The storage usage did not change.


Nazeer AhamedNazeer Ahamed
Check Admin setup - Data Management - Storage usage.
That's where I have been looking. The record type of 'Documents' remains at 2.1 MB.
Delete some documents straight from the documents tab or uninstall the custom App?

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I deleted the custom App. I have already searched for the document in the document object via the interface and the IDE, but cannot find anything.

Still no change in storage usage.

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I have seen this problem as well. I deleted all documents except for one 10K image and emptied all recycle bins. Salesforce still reports 1.1 MB of storage used by Documents. I have opened a case (02114625) to get this on the record.