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Data Loader query re CSS Users

We have SSO enabled in our org and have used the SSP toolkit to add our contacts into Salesforce.   Now that they're all added, I need some way to go in and enable some of them as super users so I've used the Data Loader and done an export and prepared my file with the ones I want to enable as super users .. however, when I continue with the data loader and get to the Create or Edit a map, I'm not getting SUPER USER as a field  that I can map to .. anybody got any ideas as to how I can do this.

Sorry, the super user flag on self service user is not writable via the API, you'll have to make those changes via the web UI.
I actually have the same problem.  I have a rather large number of Self-Service Users that are created by an automated process via the API.  Is there no way to expose the Super User option via the API?  Why would this be one of the only things hidden?