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SL TanSL Tan 

Hiding Print url and Date/Time info

I wonder if anyone can help me please on this - I have a print report function which uses this code <a href="#" onclick="window.print();return false;">Print</a> to allow users to print the generated report. When the report is printed, it shows on the top right the url (eg https://na3.salesforce.com -----etc) and the date and time on the bottom right. Is there a way that I can hide these 2 items when the report is printed? Since the report is carrying the clause that this is a computer generated report and no signature is required. it will make the printed report looks better without these 2 items showing.
I do hope someone will be able to help me point to the right direction to solve this
Thanks in advance
SL -

These headers are placed on the report by your browser.  I am not sure that you can get rid of them with properties of the windows.print call - my preliminary research indicates you cannot.

Your users can configure their browsers to suppress these headings, although that is an additional step.

Hope this helps.

- Rick Greenwald
Developer Evangelist
SL TanSL Tan

Hi Rick
Thanks for your kind feedback. I have tested by configuring the browsers and it works fine now with the printed reports not showing the url and dates
Appreciate your help
Best Regards