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sObject requires a separate 'type' field be sent.

Hi All,
Currently we are working on uploading Opportunities data to SalesForce.com.
We completed our development and it was working very much fine before. But now when we tried uploading the same we are getting strange error (negative response) from salesforce as "Client Missing entity type information. sObject requires a separate 'type' field be sent.".
Really i did not understand whats the problem is? Could any one help me out in solving this problem?
Thanks in advance.
Prasad Babu.
It could be coincidence, but I had this issue and then put the setType call as the first call (right after creating the sObject) and it went away.
Gisele TavaresGisele Tavares

Hello Prasad


I am making a try with a data loader and I got this same error message. 


Have you changed anything !? got this fixed ?!





dragonmagicl suggestion worked for me like a charm. I am writing a Java client using the Partner WSDL