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Whiteboard API

Hi ,

I want to use a whiteboard for my application. Can anybody tell me if there is any API available to mash it up with my application?

Thanks in advance
I may be in complete ignorance on this one, but what is the whiteboard you are referring to?
You could use an Scontrol (or even make a formula field) that launches a Skrbl window.  All it would need to do is ultimately create a hyperlinked image like:

<img alt="skrbl now" src="http://www.skrbl.com/sn.gif" style="cursor:pointer;" onclick="window.open('http://www.skrbl.com/skrblnow');"/>

(or just be a hyperlink itself to http://www.skrbl.com/skrblnow)

That wouldn't automatically save the whiteboard in Salesforce, though.  You'd have to do something more clever for that.