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Documentation Issues

Just starting to work with the API and doing a field/table analysis to work on some integration work...

A few things have poped up that aren't in the API documentation for 4.0 (at least the HTML view-online version anyway), and all refrence the Developer edition:

  1. "Approval" object is not in the API docs but available
  2. "BusinessHours" object is not in the API docs, it also appears as though the object should have only one record in it, but after adding that record it still describes as 'create-able'.
  3. "Note" Object API docs list it associates only to Attachment Contact or Oppourtunity objects. It shared relations with alot more then that I'm sure.
  4. "Organization" object is not in the API docs. (It also lists as 'create-able')
  5. "Queue" and "QueueMember" objects are not in the API docs


-- Brian

Note can also be associated with contracts and custom objects. I will make sure we update the docs with this one.

Organization should not be marked as createable. This is a bug, we will fix it.

Queue and QueueMember we are planning to deprecate. We don't have a timeline yet, but a Queue is a Group of type CaseQueue or LeadQueue. A queue is just a abstraction on top of a group. New development that works with Queues should be done using the Group Object.

BusinessHours: We describe the ability to create or update a object based on static information. We will consider making this dynamic moving forward, it's a good suggestion.

I'm not sure about Approval, but will find out and either remove it from the wsdl or get documentation on it.

Thank you for the information!