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Generating java classes using SFDC WSDL

Hi there,
    I am new to SFDC  WebService API  integration . Can you please help  me in generating java classes  using  SFDC WSDL  file ?  I  would really appreciate if you can send  me some documentation  or some web links where I can find  some information about  generating  java classes  using WSDL
I use Eclipse 3.2 and have the Web Tools Project installed.  In this configuration you can create a plain Java project and drop your wsdl file into the project.  When you have the Web Tools Project installed, you can right click the wsdl and you will see a Web Services menu.  Select the Generate Client option from that menu and accept the defaults.  This will create the client side WS proxy java files.

Next create a folder in the project called lib and put the jars from the Axis 1.4 lib folder into that folder.  Modify the class path setting on your eclipse project to include your new lib folder and you should be good to go.


Can you please give me some more information on this topic Dev?just wanted to konw how to  drop a WSDL into a Java project..actually my requiremnt is 

I am having a excel sheet contains translation values for every object now I have to read the sheet using a java block and accordingly overwrite the SFDC translation workbench objects with that excel sheet.


Now am having the translation excel sheet with me and the enterprise WSDL..But am not sure how to drop the WSDL in eclipse.


You can't "drop it in Eclipse".  You have to use Axis wsdl2java then compile and jar the output files (Eclipse can do the compile and jar part).


cmd looked like this when I did it for partner.wsdl:

java -cp C:\Users\thuston.HQ\Desktop\SalesforceODA\axis14\axis.jar;C:\Users\thuston.HQ\Desktop\SalesforceODA\axis14\axisant.jar;C:\Users\thuston.HQ\Desktop\SalesforceODA\axis14\commonsdiscovery.jar;C:\Users\thuston.HQ\Desktop\SalesforceODA\axis14\commonslogging.jar;C:\Users\thuston.HQ\Desktop\SalesforceODA\axis14\jaxrpc.jar;C:\Users\thuston.HQ\Desktop\SalesforceODA\axis14\log4j.jar;C:\Users\thuston.HQ\Desktop\SalesforceODA\axis14\saaj.jar;C:\Users\thuston.HQ\Desktop\SalesforceODA\axis14\wsdl4j.jar;C:\Users\thuston.HQ\Desktop\SalesforceODA\axis14\mailapi.jar;C:\Users\thuston.HQ\Desktop\SalesforceODA\axis14\activation.jar org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java -a C:\Users\thuston.HQ\Desktop\SalesforceODA\Partner_v18\partner.wsdl -o C:\Users\thuston.HQ\Desktop\SalesforceODA\Partner_v18\partner


There is no help on this page:


could you please provide some other page where we can get the proper information,.