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Converting a Case to a bug

I would like to convert a case generated by the customer support portal into a bug for Q & A. Similar to what is done by convert lead. Is there a simple way to do this? I know I cannot be the first to ask this as this seems like a normal progression of information in a DB like this.

Thanks in advance!
Well Salesforce.com has no intrinsic notion of a Bug.  What I've done in the past is:

- Make a custom object called Bug
- Make another custom object called CaseBug which has nothing but master-detail fields to both Case and Bug (because a case can be related to many bugs, and a bug could be related to many cases -- it's many-to-many)
- Make a custom button on Case called "Convert To Bug" which creates a Bug, copies some fields from the Case to the new Bug, and then makes a CaseBug to relate that Case to the Bug you just made.
If you have a simpler 1-case-1-bug model, you could also just make a record type on Case called "Bug."  Then making a case into a bug would be as simple as changing its record type (and maybe reassigning it too).