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Email2Case and encoding

Hi all,

this is not really a developer question but i don't know where to post this one.

We have an email2case running on an exchange server mailbox. Sometimes we receive emails to our support help desk where the e2c tool is running on from different countries with different encodings. No the problem is that those emails are not readable in the description of the case. we already tried different things out but where not able to resolve this issue.
If we sent the same emails on a gmail account then the case are correctly created (readable).

Did somebody had this problem before and was able to resolve this because running on a gmail box is not an option.


Have you tried downloading the latest version of Email To Case,1.08?  It's a little better at handling different encodings.

Thanks for your reply werewolf
I see that we are still using the 1.07
i will try the 1.08 and let you now if this resolved our issues

We tried with the new email2case 1.08 but it remains the same.
If we try this out on a gmail box or a lotus notes email box then there is no problem at all.
the emails come in readable as they should be. from the moment we sent that same email to the exchange server mailbox it is messed-up.
So we think it is more something on the exchange server mailbox rather than the email2case tool.
The only thing is we have to use exchange we can not use gmail or lotus notes for that.
I'll try to dig some further in the exchange environment.