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Multiple sandboxes

With the introduction of multiple sandboxes in the Summer 07 release, is there any way that an org can spawn more than one *non* quick copy sandbox?  Logging into my production org now, when I go to data management > sandbox and try to create a second sandbox (the existing sandbox is a complete copy), the option to check or uncheck "Quick" is disabled and is defaulted to checked.

Is this a technical barrier or more of a licensing and cost barrier?  For reasons that aren't really pertinent to the conversation, our org really would ideally have 2 full copies--any subsequent sandboxes spawned would be fine as quick copies.

Thanks ahead of time.



To have multiple Sandbox environments in your Enterprise and Unlimited Editions; Requires an Additional Fee.


So contact Salesforce.com to enable multiple Sandboxes.


Please visit the link below for detail





Dinesh Nasipuri


The issue isn't having multiple sandboxes or not.  We've already had that enabled on our org.  The question is if I'm able to spawn more than one full copy sandbox instance.  If I were supposed to have specified N number of environments that were full copy and N number that were quick, that wasn't ever communicated to us and is a simple enough fix I'd imagine.  Just hoping for some clarity here as to what Salesforce's policy is..
You get 5 setup only in unlimited edition.  Additional setup only, or full copies, are available for a fee, best discussed with your account executive.
Couple of follow up questions--
Can we "destroy" a sandbox instance?  A scenario that I can forsee playing out is that we need to perform some specialized training or demo and wish to do so in a clean sandbox environment independent of our production org.  Training/demo commence and eventually finishes and we wish to completely remove the org and have it no longer count against our allocated sandboxes--is there a way to manage that directly or is that something that can only be performed by a SF agent?
Can we rename a sandbox on subsequent refreshes?  I don't have a refresh available on any existant sandboxes so I can't test that one out for myself.  I see us using multiple sandboxes to support development on concurrent branches of our code base.. and naming each box to tie to the branch using it as a test bed.  Over time, the ability to rename to continue that naming convention would be nice.
And finally, to dip my toes into the waters, I tried generating a quick copy instance last night.  Since then, it's been stuck in a status of "Your Salesforce Sandbox is being activated" and we've been unable to log into it by appending the instance name to our domain per the instructions emailed.  Our original full copy sandbox is however still working via that new login mechanism.  Any clues here?