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Need help with field validation

Okay, so I'm setting up field dependencies between a checkbox and a picklist.  The check box is the controller and when it is selected the picklist becomes selectable.  I'm trying to validate that when this happens I want to require that an option is picked in the pick list.  The default in edit mode shows --None--.
How do I verify that something other than this default is chosen?
I've tried ISPICKVAL(), but the second paramater is eluding me.  I've tried FALSE, NULL, 0 and "--None--", but none of them catch it.  I've also tried CASE()

... as I was saying, I've also tried CASE(), but that hasn't been working either.  Any help on this would be much appreciated.





You can write following validation rule to solve this


ISPICKVAL(picklist_field, “”)


Hope this will resolve your issue.


Thanks and regards,


Thank you so much:)