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Web-To-Lead (newbie question)

Sorry for wasting anyone's time with a basic question, but I've seen references to "web-to-lead" several times on this board.  I've searched the downloadable sample code and not located this specifically.  Is this a specific tool or utility, or just a generic application of the API?  If the former, can someone please point me to some sample code demonstrating its use?

I would like to integrate the web-to-lead functionality into a classic ASP (not .NET) application, if possible.  I have some old ASP code that is using the SOAP toolkit, but it's no longer working for some reason.

Thanks in advance.


The web to lead functionality is not really a function of the API.  Web-to-lead is available to non-api subscribers.  It basically is an HTML form that submits and action to feed a lead into SalesForce.  You can generate the html in SalesForce customization (look under leads).


- Hal


Ok.  I'm familiar with that capability.  Not the most elegant solution in the world and I'm not sure it suits my needs.