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Is it possible to customize the PriceBook and ProceBookEntry objects?


In the process of adding some customization to make Salesforce work based on our org's pricing model, we need to a few more fields to PriceBook and PriceBookEntry objects.


I do not see these two object under customize section of the seup page. Is there any plans to support customizing these objects?



I am not aware of plans to change that functionality. But can you add custom fields to the Opportunity Products (ie OpportunityLineItem) object and deploy Apex triggers to apply your custom logic?



I know about OpportunityLineItem object, however the requirement is to amend the PriceBook and PriceBookEntry objects.


Any feedback on those?




But since the Pricebook objects get associated to the OpportunityLineItem, couldn't you do some customizations there and use Apex triggers as a workaround? 


No Sir,

We can not propagate mass of data that needs to be stored in the priceBook itself.


Example of such secanrio is having a custom object of "Discount List" which has the data as to how volume discounts should be applied, you do not want to link it to the ProducLineItem but rather to the PriceBookEntry