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Linking to Salesforce accounts from external sources

Hi there

I have added a custom autoincrementing field ({c__CustAccountNumber}) to our account object to continue the account numbering system established by our previous CRM product. We have a number of other applications that rely on this number to identify an account and don't want to redevelop them to use Salesforce internal IDs.

Can I construct a salesforce.com URL which will enable me to (assuming the user is logged into SF) locate a particular account through this custom field? I know I can find a record by SF ID:


but that's no good as our other apps don't know these numbers. Something like:


would be great.

Using our own ID in the advanced search will find the record but depending on the data may match more than one. I'd be happy if I could restrict the search to {c__CustAccountNumber} but this doesn't seem possible in Professional edition.

Will API access allow me to search on custom fields? If so, I could write a widget to search based on this field and return a link to the object's SF ID.


yes, you could use the You can use the AJAX toolkit to use perform a query to map the custom ID to the salesforce.com id, build a URL and insert it into a page.

function customIdURL(customId) {
  var result =
     sforce.connection.query("select id from Account where CustAccountNumber__c = '"
  return "http://emea.salesforce.com/"+result.records[0].Id

But I think this would be something useful for us to support.  I posted this as an idea on the IdeaExchange -- please vote for it if you'd like to see us support this directly.

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