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Charlie G.Charlie G. 

Intellisync Security

My organization seems to be resistant to granting us the ability to use the synch tool between outlook and Salesforce.
Does anyone know if there is any real secruity risk to our OUTLOOK Exchange Server that we need to know about? 
Gareth DaviesGareth Davies

Do they let you synch your outlook with anyother device - Phone, PDA etc.

If not then at least there is consistency, if yes then they are being inconsistent about the security risk of the synchronisation program.

I can only see three points of weakness:

1. Intellisync stores usernames/passwords (I guess) so if you can reverse engineer that you may have access. But you need access to the installed machine first and this will be the same as any other synch process. You can probably set up intellisync to not store the password and just type it in.

2. Security of the data while stored in Outlook / Salesforce.com. Personally I would be more worried about the security of the Outlook copy - since the machine its on must be updated with the right security patches etc. etc. Personally I trust the Salesforce.com ops team to be more consistent.

3. During the transfer of the data - its encrypted so should be strong enough.

I have never heard of anyone hacking Intellsync as a security vunerability and a quick check on google does not reveal anything either.