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Selecting Custom Text fields in Custom Objects.

I should preface this with saying that this has been working until today.
When I try to query for the Id and a custom text field (call it 'text_field__c') it only gives me the ID and not the actual data I want.  Strangely enough it gives me what I would expect if I do it in SForce Explorer.
So I do this:
SELECT Id, text_field__c FROM custom_object__c
And all I get returned is the Id, with no errors.
But if I do this:
SELECT Id, number_field__c FROM custom_object__c
It works just as I would want it to, getting all the desired information.
I can even combine them like so:
SELECT Id, text_field__c, number_field__c FROM custom_object__c
And I get the same as the previous statement.
What on earth is going on here?  I assume this is a change in the API being that there was a new release recently.
Also, it should be noted that I did change some names of fields and therefore had to update the wsdl file.  So there were some changes on my end, this didn't miraculously just start happening.
They must have just released a bug fix or something, cause it's suddenly working again.  Weird.  I know I'm not crazy, cause I have a file that I haven't even opened since yesterday and it's working as it originally should have now, but wasn't working yesterday.  Very strange indeed.

Now I'm irritated, I recently created a package and therefore caused my custom objects to be renamed, it must have done something internally, cause now this problem is happening again.

The query gives me the Ids back just fine, but will not give me the custom fields that I request.  Like the first time I posted this problem, it works just fine in sForce Explorer.

This is very strange and irritating.


WTF...it's suddenly working.  What's up with that?