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Possbile to get this info into sales force more efficiently?

My employer collects system monitoring info from our customers.  They enter it into a webform on our website, which in turn sends us an e-mail.

Somebody at the company then manually enters that info from these e-mails into salesforce.

I presume there must be a way to automate this process and take the laborious task off the shoulders of the employee at our company.

What options are available for allowing the info submitted by customers via a webform to automatically find its way into salesforce without manual receipt of the e-mail and subsequent data entry into saleforce by an employee?
Gareth DaviesGareth Davies
That certainly sounds right up our alley.  I'm not a developer so pardon this follow up newbie question, but how would I go about implementing this automation of info entered into our webform automagically making it into our salesforce database?

Is this something we'd have to pay clicktools to implement?
Something that's coming soon, but now yet possible?
Or something that our own web guy could setup using the Developers' Sidekick tool?

We're not a tech company, and our website creation and upkeep is contracted out.