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Do API servers have the same maintenance cycle with Web servers?

2 questions:

1) If Salesforce.com Web servers are in maintenance mode, are API servers still available?
2) If Salesforce.com Web servers down, API servers down too?

For major releases such as Winter '07, both web and api go down for the maintenance period.

For the interim patch releases, services typically remain up as deployments are done in a way to keep services running.
Bumping an old post, but a bit of a follow up to this thread as this is the only one I found re: maintenance windows--

I'm building a fairly sophisticated MSMQ backed system to communicate to/from Salesforce and one of the open items we need to figure out is how to handle retry logic in the event Salesforce is down for maintenance.  We effectively have two class of message failures--messages that failed due to some business rule that isn't met and the message is in effect "bad", and messages that failed because of some network connectivity issue OR because salesforce itself is in a maintenace window.  For the latter, our message processor is intended to encounter some form of network based exception and place it back into the queue for an eventual re-try.

So--in a maintenance window for a major release---

a) will the API servers still be up but simply emiting a "thank you, but not now, we're busy" kind of message?
b) if yes, what would that messaging look like?
c) if no, is it safe to assume we'd get back some sort of response code along the lines of a 404, 403, or 500?