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Need to add an EDITABLE dropdown list to opportunity partner related list

Is it possible add custom EDITABLE fields to the opportunity partner related list?  Currently it only allows me to add account fields and pull the values assocated to that field.  I would like the fields I pull from account to be editable like partner and role fields are shown.
I'm trying to tag the partner as special partner unique to the deal. The partner may or may not be the primary partner so I can't use that field.
Any ideas?
Abhay KackerAbhay Kacker


Not sure if this is possible. You were right while indicating realtionship b/w Opportunity Partner RL and Accounts.

In a nut shell havent seen a way to change the Partner RL.

U can add a custom object --> custom tab - Pull it in Opp as a RL and see if that helps.