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Assistance using Data Loader to upload objects to inactive users

Does anyone know if it is possible to load objects (accounts, leads) into Salesforce, but assign the owner to an "inactive" user?  We are looking at loading a full set of data, but in the initial release, only a subset of the user group is going to be on the system during the initial release.  However, all the users need access to all of the data.
The number of records we are talking about is large (a few million) and we have a large number of users that will eventually come online.
My current thought is to default the load to a generic user and perform the re-assign later.  However, this could be a tedious manual effort, even with the Mass Transfer capabilities.
We have Enterprise Edition, not Unlimited Edition, so we do not have any APEX capabilities.
Any assistance/thoughts are greatly appreciated.


You can not set the owner of any record (contact,Account,Opportunity) of Salesforce.com system an inactive user.

Thanks and Regards,

Dinesh Nasipuri