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Record type and lead conversion

I'm running into an unexpected behavior when converting leads.
We use 3 different processes/recort types for leads.
Users have default process/record type set to A so users don't have to chose when creating a new lead. They should move the lead to type B and then type C as they work on it. Type C is the only one where the associated page layout displays the CONVERT button.
The problem is, when users hit the CONVERT button, the conversion page only offers the converted status associated with the initial process/record type A (which status was identified as the "converted" one only because a process must have at least one converted status; it is not intended to be used when converting leads).
Has anyone experienced the same problem ? Is there something we're fogetting to set up, better ways to use processes/record types or a workaround ?
Thanks !
Jeff TalbotJeff Talbot
When editing the Lead Status picklist, any value can be marked as a 'converted' value. Once you have another Lead Status marked as a 'converted' value, you can edit the Lead Process associated with your Record Type 'C' and remove the standard "Converted" value and add your custom value. Once that is done, your custom value will appear in the 'Converted Status' picklist on the Lead Conversion screen.
Hope that helps!