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Salesforce.com Certification

Hi all,
I think there is not enough information about the salesforce.com certification. I have some questions about how to become a salesforce.com certified.

Pfeeeuuw  so …
I made the 5 days administration workshop some days ago and follow that in a few days I have to take the exam. This exam is called: “Salesforce Consulting Authorization Exam LEVEL 2”

After some research about it I found that there are 3 different levels: Is that correct?
In the partner website they tell us that : The Level III Authorization requires Level I and Level II Authorizations in addition to passing the Level III Authorization exam  ...

 And once u pass the 3rd level are u certified?

By the way Can someone let me know what are the differences between the Admin workshop (the one I passed few days ago) and the new one for Partners??? 

Sorry if this is not the most adequate board to ask some help about this… But it’s important to know how to become certified and the unique information I have founded about that it’s It was possible to make it at dreamforce for 500 $. And beside that ? Are there other issues ?

 Thankyou all for your help



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Can one only get Certification for the administration courses?

What about the development courses?



I'm curious as well.  Anyone?
Where did you find the information on certification?
Developer certification was the only option offered in the past.  Salesforce now offers the ability for anyone to get certified.  You can find more info at here and I've got some info to help anyone interested get started (work in progress) here including a practice exam.
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