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SolomonTransactionsID__c not specified

Code: My issue is this. I've created a custom field on my 'pelkins@parallels.com' account. And, I'm using the API to upsert data. The call executes and the results are returned without error. Per the UpsertResults returned, every row has failed to upsert with the message in the Subject line above. So, my question is WHY— I have refreshed my wsdl via XML download. I see the property in the API and via my login in SalesForce, but for some reason, the custom field is not recognized. Whassup–
Michael SnowMichael Snow
In order to use upsert with your custom field, you need to populate your upserted objects' SolomonTransactionsID__c field with a value.  Otherwise, if you aren't using that as an externalID, just use insert/update.
I discovered the issue. I had defined my external id as a numeric value in the custom field in SF. For some reason SF works with a text value just fine. Thx for the response. i was starting to wonder if anyone was out there. Paul
Sounds like you might be using .NET, in which case for scalar values you need to set the .NET specific specified flag as well, otherwise it doesn't send your data over the wire, e.g.
foo.SolomonTransactionsID__cSpecified = true;