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Currency Update Application

Hi All,

I have created a small utility that enables you to easily login to your SF acount, view your current currencies and values, and update them.

The reason I did it was that I found it dificult and annoying to use the current SF method (too heavy).

It's written in C# and I have created a project in SourceForge.net for it. (not approved yet).

I don't really have other places to upload it, but if anyone is interested, I will hapily send it to you.

I added an option to update the values from an online webservice at: www.webservicex.net   - it's so super easy now!!!

simon, might you want to have a look?



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I have created a sourceforge.net project. You can see the code there (nothing malicious if you suspect).


Cheers, and I would LOVE to get your feedback.