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how to find out where "Help for this page" was clicked?

What's the best practice to find out how my help scontrol was called when the user clicked "Help for this Page" on my custom object screen? I would like to have one help scontrol be a controller and forward the user to our help pages based on what SF page the "help for this page" was clicked. For example, if I was on Accounts detail screen and choose "help for this page" and a custom scontrol was set for the help setting. Somehow the scontrol can "know" what topic is being requested and create a link to forward the user to into our help content. This is particularily important for us and custom objects help. It would also be cool to know if the user had clicked New or Edit as well. Is there any best practice for determining this?
James Wikkerink
Cloudbench Applications
Perhaps you can use the referrer property?

thanks for the reply, hower that attribute (document.referrer) is an empty string. 
I wonder how Salesforce links to the correct topic?