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query problem selecting ALL records


I am a new user of sforce (version 5.51) and have successfully queried, updated, and inserted records, mostly on the Account table, for about a week.

Now that my data is much cleaner from all of my updates, I cannot run complete queries on the Account table.  I assume there is a bad record somewhere because very selective queries do work, but retrieval of all records or a very general selection (ie. Billing Country equals United States) brings back the following message:

Salesforce:  Query()  invalid Range, missing data type, or other error, type is:  Account Overflow

I have seen other posts with this message and have followed the suggestions, to the extent of only asking for the Account column (no other columns) and I still get the same message.  Could I have bad data in an Account column??   How can I identify the record and fix it??

Any and all help will be GREATLY appreciated.

BTW, sforce version 5.51, Excel 2003 SP1, Windows XP Professional SP2







As you've probably guessed, this is a generic "catch all" message in the Connector.

I've been getting it recently when the Connector thinks I'm logged in, but the connection has expired. You might try this when you get that error:

  1. Use the sforce Connector pulldown choice of "Logout session"
  2. Re-run your action.

When you re-run, you should be reprompted for your password.
If your situation is the same as mine, the action will work the second time.



Hi Scot,

Thanks for the suggestion.   Turns out that I was hitting a maximum record parameter.  Once I broke the queries into two, I was able to retrieve all of my records.



Hm... just goes to show that it really IS a generic error handler.
Glad you found the trouble ...
Ron HessRon Hess

generic yes, but the last bit does come from the API, the part about "Account Overflow"

since I don't see this in the return error msg from soap calls, i suspect we are seeing a COM object overflow of some sort.

thanks for the reminder about the "need to logout" to proceed , this is a minor bug that I've been intending to address...

No problem, Ron. As you say, it's a minor problem.