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sforce Data Loader comments and 1 question

I have just started using the new Data Loader.  Here are a couple of initial impressions/comments that might be helpful (and I have a question for everyone at the end):

1) compared to sforce Connector, sforce Data Loader is a speed-demon when exporting records (for example, 2 hrs plus to export Account records with Connector and under 10 minutes with Data Loader).

2) exported records with Data Loader have "internal" column names (Connector exported with "external" column names)... if you are moving exported records into another package, this may make a difference.

3) some columns, such as Owner Id, will now export the internal value with Data Loader, as opposed to the actual name of the owner as in Connector.... also true with Created By and Last Modified By columns.

A Question:

I need to run an extract in batch (scheduled) mode.  Following the instructions in the Data Loader User Guide did not work.  Has anyone been able to accomplish this??  If so, please explain how and/or paste the code in your batch file into a response.

Many thanks!

Have you checked out the blog entry at:


What error are you seeing when you try the command line?
Yes, I did read the Blog... that's how I got this far! I am not a Java guy, so I am struggling a bit.

This is the line I have in my batch file. I have also tried using the generic directory under Program Files, to no avail. I don't get 1 specific error message, I get a screen and 1/2 of error messages. I must be doing something really wrong right from the beginning. By the way, I am using Java Runtime Enfironmnt v1.4.2_08 which is in compliance with the system preparation note in the Blog.

java -jar C:\test\sforcedataloader.jar -Dsalesforce.config.dir=C:\test\conf\

Most of the error messages start with
DEBUG org.apachi.axis.encoding.______________

It must be something very obvious. I have also used the config file produced by an export using the GUI.

I think you are very close. If the data loader cannot find the log-conf.xml file (the log config file) -- it falls back to the default logging, which is unfortunately very verbose right now.

Is the log-conf.xml file in your c:\test\conf directory?

If you are still having problems, try putting all the files - config.properties, log-conf.xml and sforcedataloader.jar in one directory, and try

java -jar sforcedataloader.jar

If you get an error, copy the output and post it (or post the last couple lines), and I'll see if I can offer any insight.

You are absolutely right!!    As soon as I moved ALL files into one folder, it worked like a dream!

Good to have someone "in the know" answering questions in this forum.

Many thanks!!

PS.  You wouldn't happen to know how to rename columns during the export?  In "regular" SQL, one can write:  "select ID as 'RecId', Name as 'First Name', from table", but SOQL does not like this syntax.  Any ideas??  Thanks again.....!

soql doesn't allow aliasing, mainly due to how web services work. The enterprise WSDL is strongly typed ahead of time, and the partner wsdl is based on your metadata. Aliasing is something that would only work in the partner wsdl. Why would you want to do this?