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Strange Behavior on Overridden View/Edit link for Portal Users logging in via a Sites page

I have a Customer Portal where I've created a Site for the users to login from. This problem only appears when logging into the Portal via the Site. If they login using the standard Portal URL there is no problem, but of course we want the users to login via the Sites page.


If I override the VIEW or EDIT links on a Custom Object, when the user clicks the EDIT link or the item NAME in a View, they get an error for "Page Not Found" (the error below is a VIEW link error):


Page Not Found: /portalpage/a1CQ0000000ouMS/e 


If I remove the override for the VIEW, when the user clicks the link it opens up the page properly, and it even shows the same URL that appeared in the error message.


Very bizzarre. The page exists either way, but for some reason the overridden link is creating an issue.


How can I override the VIEW/EDIT page for a Custom Object and have that override work for Portal Users that login via a Sites page?



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Can you please let me know whether are you overriding with VF page or Custom S Control? It seems that the overriding page has not got the permission on the site and so giving the error.




I'm overriding with a VisualForce page. The page security has been set to allow access by all Profiles. I had even added the pages to the Sites configuration and gave the Sites Public User Profile access to the custom objects to see if that worked. I haven't been able to find any security settings that solve the issue.


I would think that if the site/portal were having an issue access the page, the error would be something like "Page Not found: /portalpage/workshop_view" instead of "Page Not Found: /portalpage/a1CQ0000000ouMS/e". It's just really strange that the same /portalpage/a1CQ0000000ouMS/e URL works if I remove the override.


Maybe there is something in the way that SalesForce handles the override? For example, maybe they still link to the standard URL, but then they redirect to the overridden page. So, in theory maybe if the standard page has been overridden, the site cannot access the standard URL to complete the redirection? Anyway, just guessing at this point.



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