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Saleforce certification Guide lines

Hi All,


I want to do certification on salesforce.If any one know which material is usefu Plz guide me.

If any dumps are there plz send me those links.Plz guide me in properway.


Thanks in advance,



Thanks for ur reply,


I checked ur link but it is not showing anything.

Actually i finished Sun certification on SCJP1.5.I downloaded some dumps related to scjp1.5 and SCJP1.5 guide.

Like this if any one knows dumps on  DEV 401 Force.com certification and guide Plz tell me the  link.



The link in the previous post is working. Please check again.


Apart from this one other site is http://forcecertified.com/ where you can find some great information and exercises to get yourself prepared for the certification exam.  They’ve got many examples of concepts and topics that are tested on.  Some sample practice questions are available on http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?titl e=salesforcecom-certified-administrator-practice-e ...


Hope this helps you prepare Salesforce.com Certificaton Exam.

Salesforce ADM 201 and DEV 401Salesforce ADM 201 and DEV 401



I have Salesforce ADM 201 and DEV 401 ..........Certification manual from Salesforce certified training and dumps.


Hard copies will be mailed to you......... 350 pages each


Each cost $300.00 + Shipping charges (USA)


Any one interested .......contact me at ananch10@gmail.com




Wish you all Luck.






I also the original Student manuals from the Salesforce training both for ADM 201 and DEV 401.

These are greatest source for certification preparation.

Since I am done with my certifications, I can give to anyone who want to pickup from downtown Fremont for reasonable cost or can mail you.

first come first serve.

Drop me an email at mittal0115@yahoo.com. 


All the best

Legendary PerformanceLegendary Performance


   That's great to hear that. Infact I am looking forward for all certificatiom materials.

  including Dev 401, Dev 501, con 201, adm 201 and adm 301. If you still have the materials with you then you can make a deal with me.


Awaiting the reply


Legendary PerformanceLegendary Performance


  Do let me know if you still have materials with you.







Hi i need to take salesforce certification of 401 and 501.If you have the material still with you can you pls contact in my mail id ie pradeep.p17@gmail.com.




Hi I have all the materials/Dumps/imp pdf for ADM 201,CON 201,DEV 401,DEV 501.


Interested people can pay $50 for each certification material and get it.






Hi please what's your email address or you can get in touch with me using korede@me.com. 

Would like to have some of the preparation materials. 




Hello Alok, are these manuals still available?






Hi Alok7049


 Is this materials/Dumps/imp pdf for ADM 201,CON 201,DEV 401,DEV 501 still available.

I am interested in it please let me know how to go about it.





James L.James L.



Do you still have con201 material?

Please drop me an email: openlwf@gmail.com



Hi all, in case you need exam dumps for certification. You may contact me at: developersfdc.30@gmail.com. I've the latest dumps for sales cloud, service cloud, platform dev I and administrator.
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