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multiple approvers for approval process GONE?

I was able to add mutiple approvers for a step in an approval process in my sandbox, but when I went to production, that functionality is now gone. What's up with that? What is the replacement functionality? The "actual approver" field is still shown in the history, so I'm perplexed as to what's going on.
I tried setting the delegated approver on the user, and I enabled the checkbox to allow delegates to approve. Unfortunately, the delegates are not getting the approval notification emails so it's not very useful. So much for Plan B.
How can I get mutiple approvers for a single step now and guarantee that they all get the email notification?
That's because that feature is in Summer '08, and Sandbox is on the Summer '08 release but your production stack hasn't been upgraded to that version yet.  You should have received an email by now notifying you of when your production stack will get upgraded -- after that day, you'll find the multiple approvers capability in production.
Thanks for the reply. That's what I thought too, then I refreshed my sandbox, and the feature went away. Can you explain that? It looks to me like they are taking a feature away unless I'm missing something (which is entirely possible).
I'm not sure exactly, but when you refreshed your sandbox you refreshed it with a copy of the old version, and perhaps its settings (or lack thereof) came along with it.  I'd say give it a few days until Summer '08 is released and then refresh it again, and then it should be fixed.
You're right... I just read about the new feature called Parallel Approval Routing. I don't understand why a refresh would negate the Summer 08 features.
the sandbox copy process can only copy between the same version, so your new refresh will generate a spring '08 copy (but the existing sandboxes were upgraded in place at the time of the start of the summer 08 release process). You'll note your new refresh is on a different sandbox server to the prior one that was upgraded.
Thank you, that does explain it. I did notice the server change. Thanks!
Can't you have multiple approvers already if you use a queue? All members of a queue would also get all notifications. That's what I planned to do.

Deepak PansariDeepak Pansari
Can we use more the one Queue as an Appover for Approval process ?