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Analytic Snapshot - Some rows fail

Can someone help me decode this failure reason -

Owner: id value of incorrect type: 00G40000000xXXXX

It's not clear to me how the id can be of incorrect type.
JAW99 -

My guess would be that this message indicates that the receiving field is expecting an ID of one type of object and getting another, such as getting an ID for Contact when it is expecting an ID for Opportunity.

Could this be the issue?
Ah, OK, I think so. I think it's happening when the case is owned by a Queue and not a user, so the returned record id is wrong type. Hmmm. I wonder how to get around this...
OK, so it's looking like when that field returns wrong type - the row fails - which means the entire case is not brought into the snapshot, right? As opposed to just leaving that field blank.
Will have to change the owner field on the snapshot. Am trying making a text field on target that gets info from "case owner-full name."
We'll see how it runs next time.

Message Edited by JAW99 on 11-12-2008 08:16 AM
Tom TobinTom Tobin
When anything goes wrong, the whole row has to fail - just as if you'd entered those values into the edit page for the object, and run it.

You should be able to have either a user or a queue as owner though for a custom object. So I don't know why that would break, unless:
   1) there is some validation rule on the owner field that would stop it
   2) the queue is not allowed to be on that object (remember the queue is defined as being applicable to a set of objects)

2 is more likely

If you are trying to debug, you might want to use the Office toolkit's Excel plug-in that allows you to get the reports as CSV into Excel, then The Excel Connector that lets you commit data to an object. You can then copy/paste rows to see if they save properly.

Somehow I didn't make the change I wanted to and left the snapshot to try to send owner id into a lookup which only takes users or groups but not queues. I'll have to see if it works without this tomorrow again, but I expect it will.

Tom, 2 makes sense. Anyway, I don't think I even need the owner ID in practice - the owner name as a text field will probably be sufficient.

Or I could add the custom snapshot object to the list of objects supported by the Queue perhaps.
Snapshot successful. Owner imported as text works regardless.
Thanks for reporting the results!