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Brad HuffmanBrad Huffman 

How many custom fields can you have on a custom object?

Subject says it all.  We've got a rather large/complex form that we want to implement as a custom object, and I'm wondering what/if there is a limit on the number of fields that the object can have. This will affect the way that we go about implementing the object.  Thanks.

***Edit*** We should be looking at < 200 fields for this particular form if implemented the way we'd like to.

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Brad -

I am not sure of the actual limit, but the number of fields that you are talking about suggests that some data normalization may be appropriate.  Have you considered that route?

Hope this helps.
Brad HuffmanBrad Huffman
@Ricky - No normalization issues here.  We are implementing a paper form with roughly 175 fields on it.  I used 200 as an estimate just because of the potential that some form questions require multiple answers.
The number of fields per custom object differs by edition.  You can find the numbers here:

Incidentally, for those form questions that require multiple answers, I presume you'll be using multiselect picklists where appropriate?  Ricky does have a point -- a 200-field form is awfully long.
Brad HuffmanBrad Huffman
The form's data entry will most likely be presented as a wizard.  The data on the form is (fortunately) already grouped logically.  In our existing client server app, a treeview is used, predominantly, to navigate the form.  A copy of the form can be found here.  This doc is a proposal for changes to the existing form, so, if you look at it, start on page 24.  As you'll see, the form is what it is.  Some of the info will be duplicated in a Patient object, but that info will be used to initially populate values.  Because those fields could be modified at a later time on the patient object, it's important that the corresponding fields on the form object represent the state of that data at the time the form was completed.  Other than those, there isn't really any data duplication.  Each question is unique.